The Story

AfriCali is a California-based creative “collaborative in sound” inspired by South African born MC/vocalist Eyezon. 

Africali encompasses a unique blend of jazz, soulful rock, blues,  heavy rhythms & percussion of 1970s African music, topped with  coastal-psych seasoning. They have a sound that embodies the meaning of  Afro-fusion. The most interesting thing about AfriCali is that it lends  importance to the instrumentation as much as it does the vocals, while  the melodies of each instrument and voice develops in episodes, as  opposed to the familiar verse-chorus format. What is astounding about  this piece is it’s absolute ground-breaking fusion of innumerable  elements. About as experimental and open-hearted as music gets, the  endless interweaving of various keyboard, guitar sounds, vocals, and  evolving percussion, equals a masterpiece in any terms.

Africali has toured with musicians from different styles and musical  backgrounds, like former label mate K’naan, Stephen Marley, members of  Fela Kuti, and Hugh Masekela. They’ve played festivals such as Harmony  Festival, One Love One Heart Reggae Festival, Nacarubi Fest, Fillmore  Jazz Fest, Eagle Rock Music Festival, Soul Play, and more.

Their debut album Taught Of A Culture, released last October  by German indie Label Tokyo Dawn Records, has gotten raving reviews and  major radio support via UK&s BBC, KCRW, and college radio across  the country.



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